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How We Replace our Winter Losses.

Ultimately our goal at Werning Apiaries In Sullivan Wisconsin is to winter over our own Honey Bees. Most years there will usually be some amount of winter loss. We work hard to be the best stewards to our bees as we can, and give them what they need for the best results. No two years are ever the same. Several variables determine how the Bees come through winter alive and in good health. Proper ventilation to reduce excess moisture, adequate amounts of honey to feed on during the winter months, an abundance of healthy young bees in the fall, a productive and healthy young queen bee & making sure the Honey Bees are not infested with the Varroa Mite. An infestation of Varroa Mites can cause viruses and great devastation to the hive if not controlled.

When we need to replace losses we prefer to order package bees. Package bees are generally sourced from the southern states or from California. I find the California Bees do best in our climate. They come in a screened box or plastic box with ventilation holes with a sugar syrup feeder inside to supply them with feed for the trip from Orland California to Wisconsin. We purchase 3lb packages. That's roughly 10,000 honey bees and one queen bee in each package. Olivarez Honey Bees Inc is our preferred source as they have a reputation of producing some of the best Honey Bees in the United States. Us and hundreds of other beekeepers in the mid west place our order with Brian Lox who is the branch manager at Dadant & Sons Beekeeping Supply in Watertown Wisconsin. Brian then coordinates with Olivares Honey Bees Inc in Orland California and a trucking company. When the weather is right the bees will then take a 2,000 mile give or take trip to Watertown Wisconsin where Brian then distributes them to us and hundreds of other customers.

We will be receiving our package bees in mid April and will share with you then how we install them in the hives.

Thank you all for being our customers and allowing us to provide you with our Pure Raw Unfiltered Wisconsin Honey.

Bill Werning


Package Bee Hauler

High tech system keeps Bees safe by regulating temperature and air flow during the 2000 mile trip

Pallets of package bees awaiting pick up.

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