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Just In Time For Valentines Day

So I picked a few of my favorites to display here Our original is a Lavender & Lemongrass scented soap with goats milk and oatmeal. Citrus Burst is a Orange Peel Cybilla & Grapefruit scented soap with ground flax seed and poppy seed. Lemon drop is a Lemon & Rosemary scented soap with crushed Rosemary & Orange zest. These three soaps are great for exfoliation with the infused ingredients.

Other soaps not pictured will include:

Peppy Tea: a Peppermint & Tea Tree scent

Lavender Rosemary: a Lavender Rosemary scent

Citrus Sunrise: a Orange Lemon & Patchouli scent

Honeysuckle Rose: a Honeysuckle Rose scent

Cedar Frank: a Cedar wood & Frankincense scent

Eucalyptus Tea Tree: a Eucalyptus & Tea Tree scent

Cucumber Melon: a Cucumber Melon scent

All of the soaps listed are a Glycerin, Beeswax, & Honey base. This makes for soaps that are great for dry skin.

Our new Sugar & Salt Scrubs are a hit also.

Sugar scrubs can be used two to three times a week & they are great exfoliators to remove dead skin cells and keep your pores clean and open. With the blend of oils and moisturizers they help keep your skin soft and hydrated. Salt Scrubs are great for rough skin. The Dead Sea Salts are more abrasive and do a great job smoothing rough skin like our feet, elbows & knees.

Sugar & Salt Scrubs Will Be Available In The Scents Listed Below.


Cucumber Mint

Water lily Melon

Exotic Grapefruit

All of these new products will be available by February along with our full line of Pure Raw Unfiltered Honey & Lip Balms. You can find them in our online store.

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