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Werning Apiaries Year In Review.

This year was a challenging year as the bees were faced with some extreme & adverse weather conditions most of the season. April of 2018 brought two cold snaps with snow. April is a month when the bees normally are in a growing stage. With the unusual early April weather the bees were slow to start the season and grow in colony size. On a average year the bees reach this size by early May. Along with the excessive amounts of rain and cooler than normal temperatures they reached what I feel was their peak in early to mid June. That is right in the middle of our nectar flow here in south eastern Wisconsin. Needless to say this year fell short of what we normally hope for. The remainder of the season the weather still was not a friend. Frequent rainfall continued to strip plants of pollen that the bees use to raise the young larva. Lack of abundant nectar flow slowed the queen from laying strong. By the end of July with the continued poor rainy weather and after inspections of the hives it was time to begin preparing for winter. A colony of bees needs to be strong in numbers with an abundance of young bees to have the best possible shot at surviving the winters in our area. Along with a surplus of food stores in the hive. So we had to give them some help. Feeding sugar syrup along with some pollen supplements in order to get them to what I feel is a healthy size and plenty of food to make the stretch from November to Mid April. I did an inspection about a week ago when we had some mid 40 degree days and we have a 95% survival rate at this point and I'm happy with this but still have three and a half months to go. I always say hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

I would like to thank all of our loyal customers along with the shops our products are sold at.

The Bees Knees Homestead Brookfield WI

Two Pistols Trading Post Fort Atkinson WI

Brown Street Emporium Oconomowoc WI

Burlap & Lace Market Place Waukesha WI

Francie's Frivolous Frippery Lake Mills WI

All of these shops mentioned above are must stop places. With antiques, hand crafted items, décor & so much more.

Thanks again for this season and best wishes in the New Year

Werning Apiaries Pure Raw Honey Sullivan WI

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