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We charge a flat rate by weight.

 We choose to use a ship by weight method of shipping.  We base it on what items customers most often buy & what we can fit in to the different size padded envelopes or boxes we use.

For example


0-3lb package  is most often shipped in a padded envelope or small box. You can easily fit a  2lb squeeze honey bottle along with several soaps or lip balms and or sugar or salt scrubs.

3-5lb package is generally used when someone is purchasing  larger amounts of honey & other goods.

5-15lb package is often used for someone ordering large quantities.  Sometimes it may be best to email us prior to placing larger orders.  We can try to look for a better option.



Special Note

Other online stores may offer you free shipping on the products they offer.  If you wonder why do we charge for shipping?  The answer is simple.  Most online stores who offer free shipping have that padded in the products cost already.  And more often than not you will end up paying more for your order at a site that operates that way.

Return & Exchange Policy


We believe that you will be happy with the products you purchase. If  for any reason you are not. Please email us to start the refund process.   Include in the email your full name, the invoice number and the product and or product number.  If we request you ship the item back we ask it is returned in the box  you received it in. 


Contact us right away receive a replacement.

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